About Atomic Oil Botswana

Atomic oil Botswana is a 100% citizen owned business development and engineering solutions provider, founded in 2014 for initially serving the mining industry and other heavy industrial corporate entities in Botswana. We seek to assist customers increase equipment availability and reliability and reduce their cost of doing business. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are the only 100% citizen owned company within a niche market plagued by critical skills shortage in Botswana.

Our Principal Objective

Chief to our purpose is to ensure that our customers achieve maximum production targets with minimum operating expenditure, and we strive for complete asset protection. The current global PGM markets and other commodities markets volatility has unfortunately impacted on heavy industries, the mining, construction and mineral processing sectors. This has brought the industry to a point where every penny has to be justified. Budgets have been streamlined and unnecessary expenditure is no longer excusable, so available budgets therefore need to be spent wisely.

Business Goals and Objective

To develop profitable and sustainable business activities that meet the customers’ current and future needs.
To recruit, retain and develop exceptional personnel that will be able to deal professionally with customers.
To developing a well-organized set of operating procedures that guarantee service dependability.
To minimize operating costs and maximize efficiency.

Strategy and Vision

Vision Statement

To be complete lubrication service provider of choice that enable organizations to achieve and exceed production and operational goals with minimal costs.

Mission Statement

Atomic oil Botswana is committed to providing the best reliable engineering and business development solutions to all heavy industries through our innovative on-site technical services and technological advancements.

Growth Strategy

Our short-term growth strategy will encompass aggressive marketing strategies to penetrate the targeted niche market, as well as a mixture of business diversification strategies.