Our company information

What we do

We help mining companies and other various private companies throughout the SADC region to improve equipment reliability, reduce maintenance costs and improve productivity. This is achieved through oil analysis, lubricant consumption-reduction, contamination control, machine lubrication management development systems.

What Atomic Oil Botswana Is Offering

Ensure overall Asset protection.
Provide immediate return on investment
Reduce the negative effect that an operation has on the environment.
Mitigate the negative effects of ageing workforce.
Reduce operating expenditure.
Maximize plant efficiency, reliability.
Maximize production at a lower cost.


Reduced overall lubrication costs
Significantly reduce wear
Extended oil drains and grease lubrication frequencies
Reduced lubricant consumption
Energy savings through friction reductions
Product consolidation
Reduced downtime
Longer equipment service life
No wasted disposal concerns
Less inventory of replacement parts

Our Value Proposition

With the effects of globalization and the current markets volatility, industrial maintenance departments all over the world are in search of improved reliability. This means they want increased ‘Mean Time Between Failures’ (MTBF) and when these failures are likely to occur, they want plenty of advance notice. This is exactly in line with our reliability service proposal. The way to gain advance notice of upcoming machine failures is to monitor failure signatures. This is another way of our competitive advantage.


We obey the law and do not compromise moral or ethical principles.

We treat everyone with respect and appreciate individual differences.

We are committed to forging public and private partnership that combine diverse strengths, skills and resources.

We carefully consider the impact of our business decisions on people, organizations and the environment.

We recognize all exception contributions by encouraging original ideas as well as their application and a willingness to take risks based on sound business judgments.

Integrity; we do what we say we will do and we do it within the stipulated time frame.