Atomic Oil Botswana’s quality policy aspires to conform to the management system standard, ISO 9001-2000, and to all other applicable standards, nationally and internationally. . The company is committed to supplying products and services that fulfill the customers’ stated requirements and expectations.
. The company’s commitment to quality is made by ALL company employees and such as is an integral part of their responsibilities.
. Competent and dedicated employees are the cornerstone for achieving and maintaining a quality oriented organization. Such workers will be recognized and rewarded appropriately.
. The company’s management will act to ensure that its quality policy is understood, Implemented, and maintained at all levels in the company by employees
. The company will avail all the resources needed to implement an affective quality system
. It is the Company’s policy to achieve continuous improvement of quality by setting measurable goals.
. The company’s activities in all areas stress non-conformity prevention, with the emphasis of building quality into our products and services . The Company’s Quality System is an integral part of the management methodology of the organization and is designed to enhance and perpetuate the reputation of the Company as a designer and manufacturer of reliable quality products.
. Quality has no limits. As a learning organization, we are committed to a continual process of on-going improvement.