Failure Investigation:
The failure investigation services focus on solving a specific problem using Root Cause Failure Analysis, rather than simply identifying the obvious and secondary issues.Our goal is to quickly identify the root cause of the failure and provide recommendations to keep similar failures from occurring in the future.

Oil/Fluid and Grease Analysis:
Our Oil/Fluid and Grease Analysis Program is offered at no-charge on all our product range.Tests that are performed include: Viscosity, Acidity, Contamination (% sediment and % moisture), Spectrochemical (PPM of wear metals and additives) and ISO Cleanliness (optional). An interpretation of the results is included along with recommended actions to take.

Vibration and Condition Monitoring Analysis:
We use state of the art vibration, thermography, and diagnosis equipment as well as skilful technicians to carry out equipment analysis as part of a problem solving and preventative maintenance initiative

Lubrication Program Design:
There are many factors to be considerd when looking at the concept of lubrication in relation to the equipment. Improper lubrication can amount to 43% of the equipment operating costs ,including labour costs. The client's focus should be planning and executing maintenance strategies in support of the production system.

On-site Technical Support

Total Lubrication Management from Atomic Oil Botswana puts lubrication experts on-site, to guide and protect your facility and OEM warranties through sensitive lubrication issues, helping to optimize eequipme performance eliability. Particulate matter left over from manufacturing or introduced during iinstallation can lead to system wear of failure once the new machinery is put into operation. Our lubrication specialists provide trouble-free start-up services.

Liquid Filtration

On Site System:
If your machinery has suffered a component failure, for example,a ram break up,valve block failure, water ingress or any other contamination, this serice is essential to get the machinery oil ISO cleanliness level back to normal.

Off Line Filtration Unit:
On-Site installation of single and multiple units Atomic Oil Botswana will sample and/or test your system for contamination, and install the correct filtration unit for your application. Units are available for all types of plant and machinery in all industries and are suitable for hydraulic, engine, transmissions, diesel, gearboxes and many other applications. Boxed kits are available for self installation if required. we also offer training programs customized to fit your plant needs. These education training sessions focus on all facets of machinery lubrication and are not a sales presentation. Workshop sessions focus on all facets of machinery lubrication and are not a sales presentations. Workshop sessions are graphically presented using case studies, and field experiences. These are available on-site at your facility or in a local conference facility.

“If you don’t pay for lubrication training now, you will definitely pay for it ten-fold in the repair workshop” - Brenda Casey

Lubrication Maintenance Software
Atomic Oil Botswana offer a PC based computer software program that puts your entire lubrication and maintenance schedules at your fingertips. This service is based on a complete survey of your entire plant

Complete Plant Surveys and Lubricant Inventory Consolidation
Complete plant survery by our professional staff of lubrication expects are also available to determine your exact lubricant requirements, benchmark consumption rates, and identify opportunities for lubricant inventory consolidation.
Key Benefits:
Improved mean time between failures
Maintenance cost reduction
Improved energy consumption
Reduction in lubricant consumption
Retain OEM warrantees
Zero unplanned shutdowns
Extend equipment asset life
Increased production capacity

Automatic Bearing Lubricator(Easylube)
Easylube RFID micro-computer lubricator is specially designed for maintenance engineers, using the most economical and practical techniques to solve lubrication-related problems. Easylube RFID guarantees greasing with 100% accountability.
No more uncertainty in greasing interval and grease volume on each bearing.
No more lubrication point to be missed out during inspection.
No more human errors during re-greasing and inspection route.
Enable easy tracking of bearing root cause.
Enable setting up a computerized bearing management system to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance practices thus reducing maintenance costs.