On premise “blood test” for your equipment
Cost-Effective Solution
Why wait days or weeks for lap reports if you can have them in a matter of minutes?
Oil is the life-blood of your equipment

1. On Premise Oil Analysis

Why do you have to wait for 14 days to get your results when you can get them within 48hrs? We optimize services by drawing samples a day or two prior to major services to assist you with planning repairs depending on conditions of the equipment.

We offer optical emission and infrared based oil analysis which is setup on-site and affords quick turn-around analysis.

This process allows maintenance teams to do condition monitoring on wear patterns and rates on their equipment in order to prevent breakdowns. It also offers a quick guide to workshop foremen on the condition of earth moving equipment such as surface mining equipment ,trackless mining equipment, gearboxes, generators,& compressor prior to routine services. The foremen get to know the condition of components such as hydraulic/final drivers/diffs, which may not be scheduled for oil drain at typical 250hrs service.

2. End-User Lubrication Training

Learn how to implement Best Practices and get your Lubrication management to world Class standards:

There is more to lubrication than just a quick top-up or a few shorts of grease. Atomic Oil Botswana is a training partner in machine lubrication, oil analysis and contamination control. Let us train and support you and your team to help improve your reliability and reduce high maintenance costs.

We can offer your company:
. ½ day, 1 day or 2 day courses
. Full 3 or 4 day courses, spread over weeks or months to minimise work interruption
. Industry specific training-we focus purely on your machines
. On-site or public venues

You choose how far you want to take the training, how many people you want to attend and whether you want to keep it onsite or take it off-site
Our on-site courses are for:
Plant Managers | Operation Managers | Plant Engineers | Foremen | Procurement Personnel | Condition Monitoring Specialists | Plant Operator | Maintenance Technicians/Fitters

Whatever your role, if you are involved in some way with lubricants, these courses are for you! On-site Training: We have practical classes in:
Oil analysis | Sampling | Interpreting data | Machinery lubrication basics | Greasing | Oil changes etc. | Contamination control | Filtration | Storage, handling & dispensing | And many more topics.

Theory of Lubrication to include
Wear mechanisms (adhesive, abrasive, surface fatigue)
Foundations of a lubricant
Lubrication regimes (boundary and thick film)
Base stock options (mineral, semi-synthetic, and vegetable base)
Additives and their functions
Greases (base-stocks, additives and thickeners)
Addressing some common myths about oils such as cross-mixing aftermarket additives and service life.

Understanding a Lubrication Technical Data Sheet
A guide to interpreting the information
Understanding the ASTM/ISO/API/SAE specifications and test procedures.

The role of oil Analysis in a Reliability Programme
Understanding oil analysis reports
When to apply oil analysis
Selecting when to use laboratory analysis, on-site analysis or online sensor technology
Bottle sampling procedures for accurate laboratory analysis
Lubricat condition monitoring(viscosity,AN/BN,oxidation and additive depletion)
Contaminat monitoring(particles,moisture,fuel,soot and glycol)
Machine health monitoring(elemental analysis,wear debris analysis and ferrography)
Applying proactive and predictive targets and limits
Choosing relevant tests
Selecting oil analysis product and service providers
Selecting diagnostic tools for machine and lubricant health checks
Contamination awareness-measuring & monitoring.

Business Competitiveness
Atomic Oil Botswana has the experience and capacity to increase your productivity,grow your revenues,and transfer critical and scarce skills faster and more efficiently than you eaver could on your own.